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What is Solution Focused Counseling?

Solution focused counseling centers around solutions as opposed to the issues themselves. Thusly it features individuals' qualities and capabilities rather than their apparent shortages, shortcomings and confinements.

This move in worldview is significantly not the same as past counseling methods that focused on recognizing issues and attempting to clarify their inceptions. Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg were the originators of solution focused treatment in the 1980's both were situated in USA. Unfortunately both have pass away as of late.

There are a few suspicions that give the structure of solution focused counseling.

All individuals have qualities and inward assets to comprehend life's difficulties.

"Change is one of life's constants". Not exclusively is change conceivable it is continually happening.

The instructor's part in the treatment session is to enable every customer to recognize the change that is happening and to enable them to expand that level of progress.

We don't have to comprehend what made an issue have the capacity to tackle it.

Change starts with little advances

The customer is the master in their life.

The individual isn't the issue, the issue is the issue

On the off chance that its not working, accomplish something else

What are the advantages of Solution Focused Counseling?

The essential advantage of solution focused counseling is that the customer discovers solutions to their issues. This can bring about a diminishment in the side effects of pressure, nervousness, and sorrow and relational connections may make strides. Another advantage of solution focused counseling is that the customer and advocate distinguish clear objectives toward the begin. Because of this the customer and guide will both realize what achievement looks like and accordingly can without much of a stretch distinguish when counseling is never again required.

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